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Storytelling is a powerful force.

It’s how we have connected with one another since the beginning of time. The stories we tell either hold us back or move us forward—
to thrive, to expand, to grow.

Let’s grow together.

SLO LIFE Magazine

As a journalist, publisher and editor, Tom Franciskovich has conducted nearly a thousand interviews right here on California’s Central Coast. Finding what makes the happiest, most inspiring, most successful people tick, and learning how they have found their place, their path, their purpose, and then sharing those stories is what the magazine is all about. Now, for the first time, the story within those stories told from behind the scenes is available via Tom’s Bombs. Be sure to subscribe today!

Over the past year, Tom has been hard at work writing his first book, which is scheduled for publication later this year. Please sign up for Tom’s Bombs here for updates on the release.

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Tom is available to speak at your next event on topics ranging from his upcoming book to how to find and tell your own compelling story in your own, unique voice. Whatever the occasion, whatever the purpose, Tom will inspire and entertain and connect with your audience as he relates to attendees in his unassuming, easy-going, and approachable style.

Here is a recent sample, where Tom was invited to answer audience member questions in a unique “Ask Me Anything” forum.

What people are saying...

"We invited Tom to headline our annual dinner and were treated to a unique perspective shared in relatable style. Taking a complex subject, such as in our case, housing, which has been a frequent subject of his excellent journalism and then breaking it down into bite sized pieces through the use of story is where he stands apart. Tom is equally thoughtful and genuine in casual conversation or when making a presentation to a large group. If you have a chance to book him to speak at your event, do not hesitate!"

—Mike Clark, Residents for Quality Neighborhoods

"We brought Tom in to emcee a very important signing ceremony, which included the mayors from the cities around the county as well the chair of the Board of Supervisors. As the public forum touched on a hot topic—returning civility back to political discourse—presenting it to the audience required a seasoned, professional touch. Tom, with his ability to hold the audience’s attention and to connect the dots with a compelling and relatable story, was the absolute perfect choice. I would recommend him as a speaker without reservation."

— Molly Kern, Director of Communications, SLO Chamber of Commerce

"I invited Tom to speak on the subject of branding and platform building. Many who attended shared with me afterward that it was the best talk on branding they had ever attended. Although he may not claim to be, he truly is a subject matter expert.  How do you break down complex material and communicate ideas in a relatable, easy-to-understand manner? Through authentic storytelling, which Tom has mastered. Without question, it was one of the best presentations I have had the privilege to coordinate. Your audience will appreciate you for booking him!"

—Brian Schwartz, CEO, AuthorDock


"I asked Tom to come speak to us about the power of storytelling in life and business. In his own unique style, Tom demonstrated the importance of humility and authenticity when it comes to management and leadership, and he shared some unique tips for conveying a moving, compelling story. We gained so much from his time with us and came away looking forward to putting into practice some of the gems he shared. If you are considering hiring Tom to speak to your organization, I would absolutely recommend you do it."

—Sandi Sigurdson, Executive Director, Leadership San Luis Obispo

"Tom spoke to our company about leadership and brand building through storytelling. His presentation was quite compelling, provocative, and inspiring. We have been able to take much of what he taught and incorporated it into our daily practice. There were so many useful takeaways. But, for most of us, it was the lively Q&A at the end that most stands out. If you are able to book him, I would most definitely recommend him as a speaker to you and your organization. You will not be disappointed. Two thumbs way up!"

—Steffanie Medina, Director of Training & Communication, Wilshire Health

"Our group raved about Tom's speech on the topic of branding and platform building as it relates to us here in the real estate industry. He was able to cut through with very thoughtful, insightful presentations—we actually had him come back a second time due to popular demand—that were so relatable and understandable. That's saying a lot considering it can be such a complex and perplexing subject. I am delighted in recommending Tom to speak to your organization. He is a rare find and an absolute gem."

—Lisa Keelan, Executive Director, California Central Coast Board of Realtors



Tom leads a popular half-day workshop he calls the “Power of Storytelling,” which can be adapted for a wide range of applications, from turbo charging a sales team to reinvigorating the leadership group. Through effective storytelling everything is possible.


We all need a coach, someone who can help us find that one thing that we are meant to do, the work we are being called to do. The magic is in discovering how to go from A to Z. Be ready, because Tom expects to learn as much from you, as you do from him.


Occasionally, Tom takes on a more in-depth engagement, but only if both parties can benefit. Above all else Tom believes in providing value, and since he is much better with words than numbers, he really does believe that 1 + 1 can sometimes equal 3.

Whenever inspiration strikes, maybe as often as once a week, Tom will be sending an email containing the story within the story—unedited stuff from behind the scenes. We call it Tom’s Bombs (“Tom Bomb” was a childhood nickname), and it is meant to do just that… drop a little bomb into your day, shake things up a bit, inspire, entertain, and maybe provide something of value along your journey.

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Harness the Power of Storytelling

Tom talking on the phone as a two-year-old… not much has changed!


4251 S. Higuera Street, Suite 800
San Luis Obispo, California  93401
(805) 543-8600


Tom Franciskovich is a journalist and a storyteller who has done almost everything that can be done with ink on paper. For his entire career—22 years and counting—he has been in print media: writing, editing, advertising, printing, circulation, you name it. Although he has worked for some of the biggest names in the business including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, it was in the trenches with the smallest of names where Tom found inspiration after dedicating himself to the words he once heard from a friend: “You know something was worth doing if you end up with a good story to tell.”

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